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Year 3

Year 3 Rationale

Autumn 1

In Year 3, pupils continue to develop the key knowledge of History and add to their subject knowledge. Here, using the skills  of communicationenquiry and interpretation of sources, pupils investigate about the past of their local area (Blackburn). Pupils make links between and across periods, noting connections, contrasts and trends over time. They use sources to start devising historically valid questions about change, cause, similarity, difference and significance in their local area, analysing how our school has changed and why our local area might have changed. Pupils experience what it was like to live in Victorian Lancashire and work in the cotton mills.


Spring 1

In the Spring term, Year 3 pupils understand some significant aspects of the Stone Age, Stonehenge and Ancient Britain. They are required to use specialist terms and vocabulary linked to the chronology of the Stone Age and make some links and connections across periods. Pupils learn about Historians, Archaeologists and understand some of the methods of historical enquiry, and how evidence is used to make detailed observationsfinding answers to questions about the Stone Age. Children write a timeline about the three prehistoric ages and learn how Stone Age man survived, with a focus on using historical vocabulary and facts within their work. Pupils end the sequence of lessons with an end of unit quiz and by creating a presentation in groups to demonstrate what they have learned about the Stone Age.


Summer 1

To begin the summer term, Year 3 pupils discover how the Romans have impacted the way that we live today. They continue to compare their knowledge about the Romans with prior learning, of the Victorians and of the Stone Age. Children are encouraged to begin to consider the reliability of evidence. At the end of the unit, based on their History Knowledge Organiser, they have a final quiz