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Cedars Curriculum Statement


At Cedars Primary School, teaching and learning is based upon a language rich themed curriculum where pupils are exposed to a range of experiences to enhance their knowledge, understanding and long term memory. As a result, pupils at Cedars are confident, aspirational, articulate learners who are ready for the next stage of education.


Today, Monday 21st February, is International Mother Languages Day.

We have so many amazing children and staff in our school who can speak many different languages.

Speaking another language is something to be so proud of so celebrate your fantastic brain and tongue and keep practising the languages that you know.

Joyeuses Paques!

(Happy Easter)


French Easter Quiz


La légende des cloches de Pâques - Easter in France

Watch the video to answer the questions on the quiz sheet.

Check out the new French signs that are appearing around school.  Up so far are : Headteacher's Office, Office, Canteen and Kitchen.  More signs will be put up soon.

Can you work out what the signs say?

Big News!!!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are joining in with French lessons this year.

Look a the Powerpoint and practise the phrases and the songs.

Look at our French Christmas Assembly and try to sing the songs to improve your French.

French Christmas Homework COMING SOON!!!!!

Y2 have been learning about Celebrations in RE so in French we learned how to sing Happy Birthday!! Look at the PowerPoint and have a go yourself!!!

French Day Coming soon!

Mercredi 14 juillet 2021

Lots of fun activities, songs, poems and learning.

French-style lunch.

French competition!

Reading for Language Lovers

There is now a selection of French story books in your reading area. Although you may not understand all the words, there are some wonderful illustrations to help you to understand what is happening in the story.  Also some of the words are cognates.  This means that the word looks the same or nearly the same as the English word.


Go ahead and challenge yourself to read something different! 

Remember it is French Date Day on Tuesday. Take a sneak peek at the slideshow to learn how to say the date.

The next French Date Day will be in the Spring Term.  In the meantime why not try to learn the French months to be ready for the next French Competition?

Take part in our French Webpage Competition.

Answer the questions to have a chance of winning a bag of French goodies.

What a day!  Rain!  Rain!  Rain! Look at the PowerPoint slides to learn how to say, "It is raining," in French.

You can revise some of the sounds too!

Learn a weather song by copying and pasting the link.

Mardi 2 juin 2020

It's hot, beautiful weather.  Il fait chaud et il fait beau.

Look at the ppt slides to learn how to say the weather in French.

Next, copy and paste the link into YouTube and learn a weather song.


Quel temps fait il? - Alain Le Lait


       Mercredi 6 mai 2020


Get fit and learn some French as well!

Follow the link or cut and paste in youtube


Kidslingo French 5 minute Wake Up & Shake Up 



Lundi treize avril 2020

Why not join in with this story about Berthe, the witch?

Copy and paste the following link - 

Jeudi neuf avril 2020

Learn the Tricolore song with Madame Charnley and Noelle.

Le Tricolore - practise the words of the song with Madame Charnley and Noelle.

Still image for this video

Le Tricolore - 2- Sing the song with Madame Charnley and Noelle.

Still image for this video

Mercredi premier avril 2020

Today is April Fool's Day in the UK.  Play this trick on the people in your House but remember all tricking stops at 12pm!!

A “poisson d’avril” is a joke made on April 1st. For April Fool’s in France, children try to stick a fish picture on their friends’ back. When the joke is discovered, they shout,

 “poisson d’avril!”.

Now look at the PowerPoint slide and practise saying poisson d’avril.

Mardi trente et un mars 2020

All around the country, children are drawing rainbows and sticking them in their windows to remind us that after the rain and the hard times  the beautiful rainbow comes.  Why not join in?  Listen to the Alain le Lait Rainbow song and write the colours in French on your rainbow too.  

Just copy and paste into Youtube  Arc en ciel by alain le lait  and enjoy!  


Voici mon arc en ciel!

L'arc en ciel de Madame Charnley

French Date Day

Tuesday 28th January 2020

We will be writing the French date in all our books.

Why not practise now using the Powerpoint to help you?

French Policy Document

Year 4 have been learning the conjunction ou (or).  They have been answering questions linked to their work on animals. C'est un poisson ou un lion?

Y3 have been learning some imperative verbs. Here they are practising Regardez! and Levez le doigt! We always use gestures to help the words stick in our memory.

Year 6 have been revising the days of the week and learning a song. They have been learning actions to go with the days of the week so that the words stick in their memory - lundi (on knees), mardi (clap hands), mercredi ( fold arms), jeudi (hands on shoulders), vendredi (hands over ears), samedi (finger on nose), dimanche (hands on head). They have been learning the i sound that goes at the end of the days of week. Do a big smile and say i! Interestingly, the French days of the week don't need a capital letter.

European Day of Languages September 26th 2019

During Class Worship we focussed on thinking about peace in Europe and the whole world.  The infants watched Peppa Pig International Day as a treat and some of the junior classes watched it in French. Year 3 learnt some sign language along with a song for the Sing Together Project.  

Year 5 have been learning how to ask and answer questions in French. They have been linking this to places in a town. They played a game to help the questions and answers stick in their memory.

Bonjour et bienvenue! 

C'est la rentrée!

(Hello and welcome back.  It's the return to school!)









French Phonics


How good are you at remembering?


This year the whole of Key Stage 2 will be learning the 26 sounds of the French Language.


We will be using the Sue Cave and Jean Haig system from the Physical French Phonics resource book and you can find more information at .

a - open your mouth wide as if you are biting an apple and say, " a " .

French Club has started!  Mondays 3pm-3.45pm.  Come along and enjoy the fun! 

In French Club today, we learned how to say how we are feeling. We learned the phrases, played the Corners game to help us memorise them and made mini-books so we could teach our family at home.

We have been learning to ask and answer questions in French. Here is our French display.