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Cedars Primary School

Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Pride, Ambition

Year 1

Year 1 Rationale

Autumn 2

In the Autumn term, pupils begin by exploring the 'Great Fire of London'. With the use of sources, there is a focus on inspiring curiosity, encouraging pupils to ask questions about the historic events. Children also develop their understanding of the chronology of events, both past and present, whilst being introduced to using historical vocabulary. Pupils are motivated to learn their History knowledge organiser, through the use of weekly ‘quick quizzes’ at the start of each lesson and encouraged to use this vocabulary within discussions each week.


Spring 2

In the Spring term, whilst exploring 'Family albums', pupils are taught the skills of being able to place a few events and objects in order, by using common phrases to show the passing of time, to understand and use simple historical concepts, such as before, after, a long time ago, now / then and same / different and they will know about changes that have happened within living memory.