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Cedars Curriculum Statement


At Cedars Primary School, teaching and learning is based upon a language rich themed curriculum where pupils are exposed to a range of experiences to enhance their knowledge, understanding and long term memory. As a result, pupils at Cedars are confident, aspirational, articulate learners who are ready for the next stage of education.

Cedars Primary School Masked Reader  World Book Day 2021

In 2021 World Book Day, just like everything else, will be different. We’ve adapted to make sure that World Book Day sends a powerful and positive message about books and reading, even in lockdown.


Can you guess who The Masked Reader is?


On World Book Day, staff from Cedars will be disguising themselves and reading extracts from their favourite books. Your challenge is to correctly identify who each reader is. When you think you have worked it out, email your answers to your teachers or post your answers in the class blog.


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Other activities to get involved in...


Take a look at these Live Lessons from famous authors and illustrators:

Between the 3rd and 5th March, there will be Share a Story Live at 10:30am each day. There will be the following events:

  • Books that make you LOL!
  • World Book Day special - Bringing Reading to Life
  • Books and the Real World

Take a look -

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You will still receive your World Book Day token. This will be emailed out to you. These are some of the books you can buy with your £1 Token:

World Book Day Activities 2021

Cedars Primary School Reading Policy

Reading letter to parents Nov 2020

Want a story to share with your children at bedtime?  Each night, staff at Cedars will be sharing their favourite Christmas story. Here is the first of our stories by the tree. 



The children are taught reading comprehension and decoding skills through daily whole class Guided Reading sessions. Due to many of our children speaking English as an additional language, along with the rising expectations of national expectations, we place a great emphasis on learning and developing new vocabulary before the children meet the week's text. We pre-teach this vocabulary through a variety of engaging games and activities, which then enable the children to confidently decode and comprehend the text upon that first read.

We make reading fun - children love games, songs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.

If you require more information about our Reading, please feel free to drop-in to school to have a chat with Miss Esat (KS2) or Mrs Harrison (KS1) and Mrs Furness (Early Years) who will be happy to help. 


Read Harder Read Longer Read Better Read Stronger