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Reading for Pleasure


Our children love to read and enjoy finding new authors to learn about. Some of their favourite authors are David Walliams, Roald Dahl, Tony Ross, JK Rowling, Maurice Sendak, Eric Carle, Jeff Kinney, Dr Seuss and Jaqueline Wilson. Our children love taking part in the 100 book challenge.

Cedars Reading Newsletter Issue 1

Reading for Pleasure


Reading for pleasure is given a high priority at Cedars.  We hold an annual Super Reading Week to celebrate World Book Day in March, during which our children have access to a variety of reading experiences, including visits from local authors & visits to Blackburn Central Library.  Reading Buddy sessions take place on a half-termly basis and children enjoy sharing stories with children from a different class.  We have a fantastic school library which is open at lunchtimes and children enjoy and share.  We also celebrate ‘Author of the Month’ and have lots of competitions for the children to take part in. 


Classroom Reading Corners

Each classroom has a reading corner which promotes reading for pleasure and provides children with a comfortable place to enjoy a good book. 

At Cedars, we believe that reading is a fundamental life skill that impacts on the acquisition of all knowledge. We recognise that reading is the core skill to everything that children do and our priority is making sure that all pupils, regardless of their background or ability, make rapid progress in reading words accurately and automatically so that they are able to develop their comprehension, and access all areas of the curriculum. We want every child to be highly engaged in reading, to be confident to talk about books and authors and to understand how reading helps them to become lifelong learners. By teaching every child to read well, prioritising time within the school day to read, and embedding a culture of reading into the core of what we do, we believe that we have the opportunity to make a huge difference to our children’s education.


Home Reading

Reading helps your child’s wellbeing, develops imagination and has educational benefits too.  Just a few minutes a day can have a big impact on children of all ages.  To begin, children decode words by sounding them out (Fred talking)  and then blending these sounds together.  Once they have practised these words a few times, they begin to read them ‘at a glance’. This is why your child brings home a book that has been carefully chosen so that they can work out all the words for themselves.  Re-reading a text, gradually increases the number of words in it that they can read ‘at a glance’.  Children need lots of praise and encouragement to read unfamiliar words and it is important that they are encouraged to break these words down rather than guessing.  This supports children to become accurate with their reading.  If they make a mistake, praise them for trying and encourage them to go back and have another go.  Once children are reading accurately and at speed, their reading comprehension will develop. Until then, you can develop their understanding through reading to them, talking about books and poems and helping them to learn new vocabulary. 

Get Caught Reading Challenge

Get Caught Reading Challenge

Some exciting news! We have selected the winners of the Get Caught Reading competition. 

A big thank you to all the children and families who took part in the Get Caught Reading competition.

It was so lovely to see you all immersed in a variety of books around your homes and local area.

We can now announce the winners!

Huge congratulations to our winners! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions coming soon!

Reception TO - Aizah Shah

Year 2H - Zakariya Inam

Year 2L - Name 

Year 3W -Aisha Inam

Year 4E - Alexia Chosia 

Year 4A - Safa Qazi 

Year 5V - Adam Qazi

Year 5PH - Qasim Hussain 

Year 6RP - Rares  Chosia


 Local Author Visit to our school.


As part of our reading journey we had an amazing visit from a Local Author Hafiza Issa. We shared a book all about understanding autism and diversity through the eyes of a young child in this universe. To find out more about how she was inspired to become an author and share her experiences through a story book by visiting her webpage:

The Masked Reader Videos

Recommended Reading Books

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