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School Council

School Council 2020/21

Welcome to the new School Council of 2020/21


The new team have been voted in by their classmates and what a keen bunch they are!

I'm looking forward to working with them this year.

Our first School Council assembly was great as each School Councillor was able to introduce themselves to the rest of the school.

Meet the team

Year 1

Ayat Ali


Year 2

Zayn Miah

Huzaymah Patel


Year 3

Mehak Hussain

Inshal Hussain


Year 4

Mariam Farhan


Year 5

Manoor raza

M Umar Patel


Year 6

Yumna Iqbal

Hadiya Hussain

School Council at Cedars Primary School


At Cedars, we are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in School Council meetings.  These councils are in place, so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.  Pupils at Cedars know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter. 



Meet our School Council representatives

How we learn and what we love about school

Each class created a mind map of their topic

SCHOOL COUNCIL 2018 - 2019

Vision Statement:

Our vision is for all pupils to be able to contribute towards the continuous improvement of our school.


We aim to incorporate the views of people from all areas of school life.

Our School Council is made up of a group of representatives who are elected by the children of the school. 

Each class elect members of their class as their representatives. 


School Council meetings are held twice each half-term. Before the full Council meetings take place, the representatives hold class meetings to find the issues that the class want to raise. Representatives report back to their classes/key stage on what has been discussed and organised.

All important issues from the meeting are reported in an assembly led by a teacher and members of the School Council.

School Development Plan: 

The School Council makes a contribution to the annual School Development Plan, reporting on their achievements of the previous year and their action plan for the new school year.

School Council Contract 2018 - 2019


This contract outlines the duties and responsibilities you will be expected to adhere to as a school councillor at Cedars Primary School. Please read the contract carefully, sign and return promptly to Mrs Esat if you are happy with it. If you have any questions, please ask.


  1. To attend EVERY school council meeting without failure. Staff should not have to send reminders; you need to manage your own diary.
  2. To meet and greet visitors, show them around our school and share with them what our amazing school is made up of.
  3. To ensure School Uniform is worn every day, is clean, and you look presentable. This means clean tidy uniform, correct footwear at ALL times, big smiles at ALL times and a warm welcome to all.
  4. Have exemplary behaviour at all times. No warnings  or time out . Encourage others to make the right behaviour choices. Report any issues encountered with behaviour to a member of staff.
  5. Be proud of our school. Speak highly of it based on what we love.
  6. Collect planet points and present winners in assembly.
  7. Collect star of the week and be responsible for the collection of ‘Star of the Week’ jumpers.
  8. To assist office staff at lunchtime.
  9. To assist teachers and senior staff in with the delivery of assemblies.
  10. To support & update the school website regularly.
  11. To contribute on school’s newsletter.
  12. To complete ECO responsibilities – paper recycling, checking cloak rooms are tidy, switching off lights etc, as directed by Mrs Esat.
  13. Fundraising for the school council budget.
  14. Pupil voice – listening to the ideas of others and implementing these to make our school a better place.



Year 1R Mohammed Adam Nawaz
Year 1M Laiba Ghulam
Year 2S Humairah Mohmed
Year 2HS Mohammed Moeed
Year 3W Nimra Saqib
Year 3SL Fatimah Khan
Year 4W Yumna Iqbal
Year 4V Hamza Asjed
Year 5DP Halima Khan
Year 5P Miruna Cordon
Year 6E Rehan Khalid
Year 6P Adil Rehman




Keep checking our page to see what our School Councillors have been up to in their aim to make Cedars Primary School a better place to be.


Meet our School Councillors.




Meet our Head Girl and Head Boy. They have many important jobs to do around the school with great responsibility. 





Alisha Hayat and Sulyman Asvat


The children of Cedars Primary School take great pride in becoming School Councillors. Therefore as you enter the main hall there is a Display Board that is dedicated to the school councillors.



The corridors in the school are bright and eye catching. There are two display boards that represent British Values. 




Parents Participation

The school councillors have decided that it is important to listen to the views and opinions of parents. Therefore there was a questionnaire designed to ask parents on how they feel about their child's school, the quality of teaching and the enjoyment of school. Parents filled these questionnaires as they came to parents evening, The results of the  questionnaires will enable us as a school to improve the leaning and education of your children.

Thank you for your participation.

The Questionnaire