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week 4 22.6.20

Hello, hope you're all keeping happy and active?  This week in your home learning there is are a range of activities from with Maths, English, Science, PSHE and much much more.  Plus this week Mr Watkinson has launched a virtual sports day for you to complete with your families, record the results and then send your results in to see how we all got on.  Good Luck!


Also this week it is Diversity week,  Mrs Furness has set you a challenge which you can find further down this page or over on the home learning page for PSHE, Good Luck! 


A very busy week for you all,  look forward to hearing from you soon either via email or on our purple mash blog.  Stay safe and keep smiling.  

Year 1: Mrs Martin

Cedars Home Learning Grid

Week beginning:  22.06.20








Always prepare for your day ahead. Wash your hands and face. Eat a good breakfast. Brush your teeth and hair and get dressed. Talk to your family – say ‘Good Morning’ and talk about what you are going to do first, next, after that and finally. Make time for a break to have a drink and a snack and a short playtime. Make your learning fun – find out about things you are interested in and remember to READ lots!



Can you write your number bonds of making 8, 9 and 10. 


Can you record your number sentences using arrays? 

Look at the example below using squares draw one row for the first number and another row for the second number, then colour in 2 different colours.




To look at the attached worksheets for any ideas and misconceptions.





Gather a 20 objects of resources from your house either pencils, pasta, buttons, etc.  Today you will be doubling.  Get an adult to put some a number of objects in front of you up to 10.  You then can have a go doubling them with the objects you have.  Once completed write out the number sentence in your homework book.



place 2 objects down.

What is double 2?

Double is the same number added again to the original number. 2+2= 4


Have a go at the game







You will need a 3 dice or you can make a number spinner or write a numbers on pieces of paper and make number cards. 


You can make the numbers up to 12 if you want.





Using the dice (or other resource) roll 3 dice and add the numbers together.

e.g. 3+6+5= 14


When adding the numbers is there an easy way to do this?  Using number bonds/doubles?


Now repeat and write the numbers down in size order largest to smallest, is this easier to add the numbers together?





Technology- free

You will need a 100 square today you can either use the one provided in the resources or make your own and practise your numbers. 


Technology- free


Using your hundred square can you work out what 10 more or less is than any number on the 100 square?


Ask someone to help you and show you the easy way of jumping up the 100 square for 10 less and down for 10 more.



Now you have done that try and answer these numbers.



Online Option

doubling and halving numbers.




Using the sheet can you be a doubling dog and a halving hippo and work out how much each of the things in shop would be.















Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.


Technology-free Option

Keep building up your phonics book and write some words under the correct sounds from your chosen book or text you have read. can you find 15 words to write with different sounds?




Online Option /watch?v=W-WLnxbvMywWatch the story of The Three Little Pigs, using the picture clues can you retell the story? 


Technology-free Option

 Using the picture cards can you retell the story of The Three Little Pigs.  Can you change the story?

Changing the characters? What might the wolf do differently?  

The ending of the story?     





Technology-free Option

Using the scene picture and the list of words can you write a variety of sentences describing what you can see?  Don’t forget to expand your sentences with and, but and because.  As a challenge can you add a sentence with your own view or opinion about something in the picture? 


The scene will also be on a separate document to see a larger version.




Online Option

Practise singing the alphabet.

You can watch it here if you want com/watch?v=XC6wQQHo8uU


Technology-free Option

Build on from last week activity, this week using letters G, H, I. Have a go at a scavenger hunt for letters in the alphabet.  I have put some examples of things you could try to find in and around your home.  Why not create one for a family member to to try and find after you? 




Only do letters G, H, I as you can try this again next week.












Online Option and Technology-free Option



 Practise your handwriting using the same style we use in school.  Please practise your alphabet, your name and a sentence about what you have managed to do outside and inside this week.


 I have enjoyed going on my daily walk with Charlie to see some cows, sheep and horses near my house. 

I have enjoyed sharing books with Charlie at inside at bedtime. 


Log on details   

On an ipad/tablet:

Username- vt4672

Swipe code- A capital L shape starting at top left.


On a laptop/pc:

Username- vt4672

Account password- home

Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!




Take a look at BBC Bitesize[33061_PANUK_SOT_24_SNO_SendAS1to8Opens_RET]-20200616-[bbcbitesize_fivewaystobuildyourchildsresilience_parenting]


Discuss things with your parents and any concerns or worries you may be feeling.  You can make a poster of your worries and concerns and then look at them again in a week to see if they are still there or if they have eased and gone. 





Art and Design


Using a range of junk materials or natural materials, you could collect from your daily exercise and create a robot model. 




See the separate Science sheet for a fun family activity!

Seed Dispersal Challenge





This week we are thinking about pirates. Here’s a song that some of you may already know… ‘When I was one’ Don’t forget to join in with the actions!


Did you notice the different rhythms for each verse? Try saying then tapping each rhythm e.g.: ’sucked my thumb’ or ‘buckled my shoe’. Practise saying then tapping the rhythms – which ones are the same?


Now click on the Activity – clapping to a beat: watch how the Captain claps a rhythm then you clap it back.




Online Option


Take a picture of your junk model robot that you have created and use your computer to write about it answering some of the questions from below.


How did you make it?

What objects and resources did you use to make it? 

Did you enjoy making it? Was it easy or hard to make it?





A challenge

Do you think you can win a Blue Peter 6 Badges of Summer?


Have a look on the home learning webpage for Mr Watkinson’s activity a day challenges.   Also have a look at the virtual sports day activities, record your results then let me know and we can see what everyone gets. Good Luck.

Time to talk

Talk about what has been happening in the news? Should a person be judged by how they look? Why?


Today was successful because…

Special Event

National Writing Day 24th Jun 2020 A day for everybody across the UK to put pen to paper, unleash their imagination and make their voices heard.

Write a 24-word story on a piece of paper (or record on video) starting with ‘One day…’ Take a photo of your story or take a photo of yourself with your writing. Share your original pieces of writing.

If you would like to show your teacher any of your home learning, please take photos and send via Purple Mash using 2email or email to

Sports Day