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week 4 11.5.20

Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping well and had a nice long weekend celebrating the 75th VE Day, look forward to seeing some o your photos and work Mrs Baron set for you.  This weeks activities are lots of fun and creative so get those pencils and paper out at the ready, but most of all just have fun and keep smiling.  Any resources you may need are attached under the home learning grid for you to open use either on the computer or to print out.  Stay safe xx

Cedars Home Learning Grid   Week beginning:  11.5.20








Get washed, have a healthy breakfast, teeth brushed and ensure you are ready to start the day! Help your family by setting the table for breakfast and clearing the breakfast things away.


Technology-free Option

Make yourself some fish numbers up to 20.  1 side write the number and on the other side draw the dots to represent the number.  Then choose a number and find its double. Complete this with the numbers, dots and a mixture.

Keep the fish you will need them again.


Online Option

Can you tell what time the clocks say?  Complete the activity on purple mash.


Technology-free Option

Using a clock work with an adult asking them to make different O’clock and half past times for you to identify.  Can you then make a given time on the clock? 

Technology-free Option

Using the fish you made on Monday, catch 2 fish that when added together are a number bond to 10 or 20.  Can you write them down using numbers and dots?   Keep the fish you will need them again.




Online Option bitesize/articles/zb9pnrd

Watch the videos on how to represent numbers and try completing activities.


Technology-free Option

Count to 50, practise writing your numbers to 50 in the style of a 100 square, can you see the patterns?

Complete the sheet attached developing how numbers a represented.


Technology-free Option

Using the fish you made on Monday, choose a number and find the fish that is half of the chosen number. Complete this with the numbers, dots and a mixture.  Keep the fish to keep playing and practising your number skills.





Online Option

Go on BBC Bitesize and complete activity 1.



Technology-free Option

 Hunting for sounds – play eye spy with your family using your phonic sounds.

Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.

Technology-free Option

Using your phonics book from last week and the book you have chosen to read write some words under the correct sounds, can you find 15 words to write with different sounds?


Technology-free Option

Using the starter

I am lucky because …

I can

I am

I have

Can you complete these sentences starters thinking about how lucky you are. Don’t forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  Can you also include an and in your sentences.  

Technology-free Option


Building on descriptive language and characters in school please can you draw, colour and write a list of describing words for a mascot for the NHS.  It can be any type of character you want but they will be a good, brave and strong character to help us through this current time.



  Technology-free Option


Alphabet challenge.


Using the attached word document can you solve the puzzle.  Write the alphabet out and put a number next to each letter A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 ect.  Once you have done this use the numbers to find which letter you need to solve the puzzle. Good luck.




Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!


Online Option

Geography-  Look on BBC Bitesize bitesize/articles/zvgj7nb

Complete activity 3.


Technology-free Option

Write what countries make up the United Kingdom and 2facts in sentences about each of the countries.     

Art/DT-  Develop your drawing skills and draw a picture of your family.  

Science- Try a family science experiment water defying gravity.  Look at the separate challenge sheet on what to do.  Take lots of pictures. 


Computing – Don’t forget there are more activities set on purple mash if you would like to give them a go.  Why not send me a message on the class blog page.  Or you can look at the websites home learning page for activities that teachers are adding activities to along with our class page.  Have fun exploring.  

Music- Look at the Bolton music website /online-learning/online-learning-for-schools/for some fun music activities to continue the VE day celebrations.

A challenge

To help prepare and make a meal for yourself and family every day. 


With an adult watch and join in banana, banana, meatball

Have a look on the home learning webpage for Mr Watkinson’s activity a day challenges.   

Time to talk

At difficult times our brains can feel full of worrying thoughts. “I’ll never get through this,” “what if I get ill?” “what if my family get ill?” These are all normal. Try writing your thoughts to clear your mind and talk to your family about them, they may be having the same thoughts as you, which is OK.


Colour breathing -sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine a colour that feels good to you e.g. the blue of the sky or the warm yellow of the sun. As you breathe in, imagine this colour slowly spreading through your whole body. Notice how this makes you feel. Now, imagine the colour of your worry and as you breathe out, slowly let this colour leave your body.

Here are few extra activities for you if you want to join in.  

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