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Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Pride, Ambition

Week 4 - 27th January 2021

Can I explore making choices?



Look at the following scenarios: 

You are playing football with your friends. You are all using Jo’s football. Jo won’t let 

Freddie play with his football.​


Freya has a brand new toy in her tray. She won’t let anyone play with it. It’s playtime and there is nobody in the classroom. That’s when Amber suggests that  a few of you go into class and take the toy out of Freya’s tray. β€‹


Riley has not finished the maths problems that your teacher set and is finding them a bit

 tricky. Now Riley has  to stay in at playtime to finish the maths and your teacher has asked if anyone can stay in to give Riley a   hand. You were really looking forward to playing with your friends. What could you do? 


Choose a scenario- Write what choice you would make in that scenario and give reasons why.