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Week 3 4.5.20

Welcome to another week of fun and exciting activities to complete with your family.  Try to have a go at the range of activities, if you need any help don't forget you can always message me on the purple mash blog if you have any questions, or just want to say hello. 

Stay Safe and keep smiling. 

Cedars Home Learning Grid   Week beginning:  4.5.20








Get washed, have a healthy breakfast, teeth brushed and ensure you are ready to start the day! Make sure your working space is tidy and organised before you start your day.  


Online Option

have a go matching up the number bonds in this fun game. 


Technology-free Option

Can you write the number bond facts down to 10?



Technology-free Option

Collect 5 items that you can hold in your hands. Now order the items from tallest to shortest.

Online Option

bitesize/topics/zwv39j6 /articles/zx3982p

Have a go trying to complete the number bonds to 10 and 20.


Technology-free Option

Can you have a go at completing the missing number bond numbers at the attached document for number bonds.

Technology-free Option

Collect 10 items from your house. Order them from lightest to heaviest. Now order them from tallest to shortest.

Technology-free Option

Today have a go at different exercises: jumping, hopping, star jumps, etc. Whilst you are doing the different action, can you try counting them in multiples of 2s and 5s to 50.  This can be tricky so maybe count the none multiples in your head and the multiple out loud.  





Online Option /bitesize/articles/z7hc47h

Watch the story clip. Can you write a question for each of the 4 children in the story?


Technology-free Option

Can you write a question to 4 different family members?


Don’t forget to start each sentence with a capital letter and end with a question mark. 


Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.


Technology-free Option

Write a short book review about the characters, what happened and why you liked/didn’t like the story?


Technology-free Option

To create phonics book.

Using the sounds cards write the sound and then write a few words with that sound in it underneath.  Leave room to keep adding to this over the next few weeks.


Online and Technology-free Option

To research why we celebrate VE day.

Create a poster and some decoration in red, white and blue to decorate your windows for tomorrow when you can celebrate VE day with your family.

  Technology-free Option


To practise your handwriting.


Try writing the alphabet out including the flicks.


Can you write your name using your handwriting skills?







Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!


History-  This Friday 8th May celebrates 75 years since VE day.  Please look at Cedars home learning page for some fun whole family activities to celebrate.    

Art/DT-  Create an interactive menu board for you and your family to use for meal times.  This could help plan your meal choices and help your family when shopping.  

Science- Try a family cheesy challenge experiment.  Look at the separate challenge sheet on what to do.  Take lots of pictures. 


RE – Talk to your family about how you are praying whilst not attending mosque.  What are you missing about mosque?  How is praying at home different?

Music- Create different sounds using a glass and water.  What happens if you have more or less water in the glass?  What happens if you change the size of the glass?

A challenge

To design a poster why we celebrate VE day and share with your family. 


How many times can you run up and down your stairs in 1 minute?  How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?  Can you set yourself a goal to try and beat by the end of the week?

Time to talk

Talk to your family and siblings about who are ‘key workers’ and how they are helping us get through these uncertain times.


Write a positive word down and fill the jar, everyone in your family can join in.  At the end of the week, you could share time to read them all.


Captain Tom celebrates 100th birthday - BBC News

The war veteran who has raised millions for the NHS has celebrated his 100th birthday in style, with tributes have pouring in from around the country. With c...



Don't forget that this week it was Captain Tom Moores 100th birthday.  If you would like to find out more about him please look at the PSHE page on the home learning page.