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week 3 15.6.20

Hope you're doing well and enjoying yourself?  I know some of you were meant to be back at school this week but we need to stay home a little longer to make sure its safe for everyone.  There is still lots of fun activities planned for you to do at home, along with counting to 100 video.  Don't forget to have a look at the main school home learning page, there are lots more fun resources and activities for you to do on your own or with your families. Keep smiling xx

Year 1: Mrs Martin

Cedars Home Learning Grid

Week beginning:  15.06.20








Always prepare for your day ahead. Wash your hands and face. Eat a good breakfast. Brush your teeth and hair and get dressed. Talk to your family – say ‘Good Morning’ and talk about what you are going to do first, next, after that and finally. Make time for a break to have a drink and a snack and a short playtime. Make your learning fun – find out about things you are interested in and remember to READ lots!


Online Option


Listen to the song using the link above all about measurement!




Draw around your foot, measure around the edge of the largest room on your house.


Measure your foot in cm.


How big is the room

  • In the number of your feet?
  • In CM?




Solve this problem and get your brain thinking!


Zara bought a toy using only silver coins!


It cost her 50p.


What are the different ways of making 50p using only silver coins?


Draw them or write down all the different ways.






Online Option


Study coin recognition, adding and subtracting coins in the Money sections on:






Set up a shop at home. Decide on your prices. Ask members of your family to buy things from your shop.


You will need to work out how much to charge and give change.





Online option


Use Oak national academy to complete a maths lesson of your choice!



Technology- free



How much money is in my purse worksheet?



Online Option

Shopping with coins up to 20p. Identify 3 coins to pay with.





With the help of an adult find some coins in the house.


How much have you found in total?


What is the total amount of silver coins you have found?


What is the total amount of copper coins you have found?


Take away the smallest amount of coin from the largest, eg 50p-1p=














Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.


Technology-free Option

Keep building up your phonics book and write some words under the correct sounds from your chosen book or text you have read. can you find 15 words to write with different sounds?




Online Option /watch?v=DvkJl4zT50Q

Watch the story of The Frog Prince, using the picture clues can you retell the story? 


Technology-free Option

 Using the picture cards can you retell the story of The Frog Prince.  Can you change the story?

Changing the characters? What might the Princess do differently?

The ending of the story?     





Technology-free Option

Using the scene picture and the list of words can you write a variety of sentences describing what you can see?  Don’t forget to expand your sentences with and, but and because.  As a challenge can you add a sentence with your own view or opinion about something in the picture? 


The scene will also be on a separate document to see a larger version.




Online Option

Practise singing the alphabet.

You can watch it here if you want com/watch?v=XC6wQQHo8uU


Technology-free Option

Build on from last week activity, this week using letters D,E,F. Have a go at a scavenger hunt for letters in the alphabet.  I have put some examples of things you could try to find in and around your home.  Why not create one for a family member to to try and find after you? 



Only do letters D,E,F as you can try this again next week.














Online Option and Technology-free Option



 Practise your handwriting using the same style we use in school.  Please practise your alphabet, your name and a sentence about what you have managed to do outside and inside this week.


 I have enjoyed going on my daily walk with Charlie to see some cows, sheep and horses near my house. 

I have enjoyed sharing books with Charlie at inside at bedtime. 


Log on details   

On an ipad/tablet:

Username- vt4672

Swipe code- A capital L shape starting at top left.


On a laptop/pc:

Username- vt4672

Account password- home

Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!







Last week you were thinking about how you could make Father’s day special this year for your dad.  Think about what your dad enjoys doing in his spare time or maybe what type of music he may enjoy or football team he supports.  Make your dad a Father’s day card in secret, to surprise him with on Sunday.

Art and Design


Invent an “environmental superhero”: draw a picture of your superhero, and write what he/she specifically does to help the environment.




See the separate Science sheet for a fun family activity!

Seed Dispersal Challenge




This week we are thinking about what makes us happy and what we can do to spread that happiness… Click on this link and find Mrs Dunphy singing ‘I’ve got a happy face’


’Put on a Smile’ has a strong marching beat. Listen to the song and find the heartbeat; you could also practise marching along to the beat or making different actions to move to the beat.





Online Option and Technology-free Option


Developing on your coding skills have a go at the 2code game set on purple mash.  Can you make the shapes different sizes following the correct instructions?



Challenge:  find a set of instructions that you can try to follow, it could be anything at all!



A challenge

Can you resist technology for 3 hours? No TV, mobiles, tablets or laptop? What did you do instead?


Try these ten minute shake up games! They’re Disney themed too!

Have a look on the home learning webpage for Mr Watkinson’s activity a day challenges.  

Time to talk

Talk about what job you would like to do in the future and why you would like to do that.


Finish this sentence off in a positive way. ‘I am…………..’

Special Event

18th June is International Picnic Day.  Can you plan a scrumptious picnic and possibly go for one safely?

If you would like to show your teacher any of your home learning, please take photos and send via Purple Mash using 2email or email to

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