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week 2 8.6.20

Cedars Home Learning Grid   Week beginning:  8.6.20








Get washed, have a healthy breakfast, teeth brushed and ensure you are ready to start the day! Say ‘Good Morning’ to your family and talk to them whilst having a healthy breakfast ready for your day.




Online Option

Watch and join in the heavy and light.


Technology-free Option

Look around your house and compare objects that are heavy and light.  Use your hands to compare.

Can your parents give you some objects to estimate which would be light and heavy?  Have a go at sorting 5 objects lightest to heaviest. 





Online Option

Watch and join in the counting song


Technology-free Option

Can you use your families weighing scales to weigh different objects around the house and read the scales for how heavy it is? 

After a few items have been weighed have a guess at some new objects for if they are heavier or lighter than an object you have already weighed.

Finally try and put the objects in order or weight that you have measured.



Online Option

Watch and join in the counting song


Technology-free Option

Can you answer the weight word problems? addition and subtraction questions on the monkeys to find the matching banana? 


Write down your answers and how you worked them out, either addition or subtraction.





Technology-free Option

Can you find the 2D shapes around your house?


See the attached word document and find the clues.



Technology-free Option

Practise your addition and subtraction skills with a difference.  Can you complete the number sentences in the style of a word search?




See attached word document.


Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.


Technology-free Option

Keep building up your phonics book and write some words under the correct sounds from your chosen book or text you have read. can you find 15 words to write with different sounds?




Online Option /watch?v=YgVB9NXAPoA

Watch the story of Cinderella, using the picture clues can you retell the story? 


Technology-free Option

 Using the picture cards can you retell the story of Cinderella.  Can you change the story?

Changing the characters? What might Cinderella lose?

The ending of the story?     





Technology-free Option

Using the scene picture and the list of words can you write a variety of sentences describing what you can see?  Don’t forget to expand your sentences with and, but and because.  As a challenge can you add a sentence with your own view or opinion about something in the picture? 


The scene will also be on a separate document to see a larger version.


Online Option

Practise singing the alphabet.

You can watch it here if you want com/watch?v=XC6wQQHo8uU


Technology-free Option

Have a go at a scavenger hunt for letters in the alphabet.  I have put some examples of things you could try to find in and around your home.  Why not create one for a family member to to try and find after you? 



Only do letters A, B, C as you can try this again next week.

Online Option and Technology-free Option



 Practise your handwriting using the same style we use in school.  Please practise your alphabet, your name and a sentence about what you have managed to do outside and inside this week.


 I have enjoyed going on my daily walk with Charlie to see some cows, sheep and horses near my house. 

I have enjoyed sharing books with Charlie at inside at bedtime. 


Log on details   

On an ipad/tablet:

Username- vt4672

Swipe code- A capital L shape starting at top left.


On a laptop/pc:

Username- vt4672

Account password- home






Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!

Foundation Subjects

Science – This week has been very important for space and astronauts,

 take a look at the launch of space x. /watch?v=aZ4SLkEGAn8


If you were an astronaut where would you like to explore in space? 

What do you think you may find? 



Have a go at trying to find some things at night.

Maybe look for the moon every night and draw a picture to keep a moon diary to see it change.

Computing –

Last week you gave instructions verbally and followed instructions from someone else.  This week you need to produce some cards to give instructions through symbols.  Draw a series of arrows indicating forwards, backwards, left, right and maybe even some turns.

Now give instructions to your family on how to get from 1 room to another in your house.  Remember you need to give and follow the instructions correctly or you won’t end up in the correct finally place. 


See the family Science challenge on the webpage.



Lava Lunacy





Building on from last week I have attached a powerpoint of Hindus places of worship.  Write and draw some information Features of a Hindu Mandir are.

Can you tell me any other information you may about Hindu Mandir?


Online Option

Music –

This week I’d like you to join in singing the song I’ve got a happy face.  Can you sing along with them?


Once you have got the song and can sing along try changing some of the words for different faces and make up your own song.

Maybe you could say why you’ve got a happy/angry/suprised face?

A challenge

Try some new foods.  This week talk to your families about what food you may be having, try to eat some new or different foods that you wouldn’t normally have.


Try out some yoga, it’s good for relaxing and keeping your mind and body in shape.

Have a look on the home learning webpage for Mr Watkinson’s activity a day challenges.  

Time to talk

Its nearly Father’s day, it will be slightly different this year as you probably won’t be able to go out shopping to buy anything.  That doesn’t matter though, get thinking about what your dad likes and enjoys, talk to your mum and come up with a plan of what you could do or make him and get started next week. This could be making a card, a picture or even breakfast in bed. 


Next week some of the Cedars children are returning, talk to your families about how they may be feeling and also the children who aren’t returning yet.  Maybe make a poster or write a letter to show them you are thinking about everyone and the teachers. 

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