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week 2 27.4.20

Hope you are all still managing a smile everyday whilst being safe at home.  Enjoy this weeks range of activities to help keep you busy, don't forget you can always message me on the purple mash blog if you have any questions, or just want to say hello. 

Stay Safe and keep smiling. 

Cedars Home Learning Grid   Week beginning:  27.4.20








Get washed, have a healthy breakfast, teeth brushed and ensure you are ready to start the day! Make your bed before starting your day.

Mathematics /bitesize/topics/z3rbg82

Have a go at some fractions on BBC Bitesize.


Ask your parents for some fruit and vegetables to cut them up into different fractions.

Make a picture using 2D shapes. 


Can you try to make a picture of something you can see from your bedroom window? bitesize/articles/zhfjqp3

Have a go at some counting in 5’s on BBC Bitesize.


Collect different objects from around your house, put them in groups of 5 and count them.

Using some Chalk or a sharp stone, try drawing a hopscotch and then play on your own or with someone.  Make it tricky by using multiples of 2 in the hopscotch squares. /bitesize/topics/z3rbg82

Have a go at some fractions on BBC Bitesize.


Ask your parents for some fruit and vegetables to cut them up into different fractions.


This week I would like you to keep a diary of things you get up to with your family. 

Go on Oxford reading owls and choose a book to read with your parents.  Read your school book.


Write a short book review on the story you read yesterday.

Using your phonic sound card, practise your phonics and actions.


Writing task on

Draw and write your own short story either on purple mash or on paper. 

Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!


Geography-  Try to give directions of forwards, left and right when you are out on your daily exercise. 

Art/DT-  Using some natural objects (leaves, flowers, twigs and stones) create a picture of your family.

Science- look on

To complete the cycle of a butterfly.

RE- Talk to your family about Ramadan. 

Music- Look on BBC Bitesize and explore some music

embed/bring-the-noise?exitGameUrl=http Fteach%2Fbring-the-noise%2Feyfs-ks1-music-play-it-bring-the-noise%2Fz4sq92p

A challenge

Try to create your own fitness routine for your family to copy.


Join in Jo Wicks PE lessons every morning

Time to talk

Read and share this book or something you have heard from the news about coronavirus


Make an emotion display board to use in your house to help everyone display and discuss how they are feeling during these strange times.