Week 1- Q Pootle 5

Print off the rocket template below, cut out the shapes and stick all the pieces back together again. Just like the one above.

Talk about the party that Q Pootle 5 went to. What food was on the table? How many rockets/space ships can you see? Count all the Aliens. What games do you think they played? Talk about your favourite party food and games.

Q Pootle 5

Q Pootle 5 story. By Nick Butterworth.


This is a Traditional Rhyme that I covered for kids to sing and play the game with. I, DAVID HUDSPETH, ARRANGED, RECORDED AND CREATED THIS VERSION OF THE SON...

The activities below can be completed throughout the week with your family. 

Keep busy! 

Yoga Time! | Space Picnic - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. Copy me, sing along and have fun!In this video we pack a picnic...

SPACE One Boogie Beebies - NEW 2014 - BOOGIE BEEBIES

Boogie Beebies - New 2014 - BOOGIE BEEBIES