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The Recipe Competition



Nursery to Year 6- everyone can join in! 

Mrs Pathan is collecting recipes to make a recipe book: The Cedars' Recipe Collection.

Your task is to write a recipe for a food item your family members have cooked. Focus on making the recipe clear, detailed and exciting to read. Think carefully about the quality of your sentences and pictures may help others follow the recipe easily. 

Here are some tips to write a perfect recipe:

Title- What are you making? A bold, catchy title works well.

List of ingredients- bullet points work well. Don't forget to write the amount of each ingredient needed. 

Method- keep this as detailed as possible so that people following the recipe know exactly what to do. KS2- focus on adverbs and time adverbials.

Top tip- this will make your recipe a little more exciting. 


Good luck!

You can post your entries on Purple Mash or alternatively, you can send your entries to the school email address: