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Shakespeare Day


National Talk Like Shakespeare Day is observed annually on April 23.  

Born April 23, 1564, William Shakespeare is the author of some of the world’s most celebrated plays and poems.  In 2016, we honored the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. What better way to celebrate his life and art than to speak like poet and playwright.  

We can speak like Shakespeare by substituting thou, thee and ye for you and they. Rhyming couplets and creative insults were his particular favorites.

Many of the phrases we use today we can owe to Shakespeare.

We could make you wait with bated breath for the list. We could send you on a wild goose chase to find them.  For goodness sake, you might just be the laughing stock if we did!

Oh, come now.  No need to fight fire with fire. Come what may we will give you the naked truth and teach to you talk like Shakespeare. We’ll snatch you out of the jaws of death and put you in a pickle too while we are at it!

What makes your hair stand on end? Did we set your teeth on edge? Well, what’s done is done.

You may be such a sorry sight, but still, the world is your oyster even if you wear your heart on your sleeve.  Aye, you have seen better days! We must send you packing.  It’s all Greek to you anyway!


Shakespeare Day is a national annual celebration giving primary school aged children opportunities for enriching and enjoyable early experiences of Shakespeare. 


Why Celebrate Shakespeare?

Shakespeare is a named author on the curriculum in 65% of countries, studied by around half of the world’s schoolchildren every year. He has been hailed as the UK’s greatest cultural export, and the foremost reason why people are proud to be British. Yet many British children encounter Shakespeare only in their teens as a mandatory subject studied for exams. Many grow up to regard Shakespeare as difficult, and not for them, and in turn are very unlikely to introduce their own youngsters to his works. 

Shakespeare Week opens the door to Shakespeare and ensures that children are given a chance to have a great first experience with one of the world’s most famous playwrights.