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Monday - 02/11/20


Starter: Sing/ dance along to our 10 times table song. The link is below.

Can you practise counting in 10s? Fill in the missing numbers on the sheet below. 


Main lesson: Complete the MyMaths lesson, 'Introduction to number and place value' and supporting homework task. The link is below. You will need to login into your MyMaths account using the login details in your Reading Record. The lesson will open with the link. The homework task will be on your account when you login. You must complete the lesson first before moving on to the homework task.




Tuesday - 03/11/20


Starter: Can you practise counting in multiples of 5? Sing along to the songs below to help you. Complete the missing numbers in the sheet below. 


Main lesson: Go through the PPT lesson 'Can I read and write numbers to 100?' and then complete the activity below. There are three different options to choose from: 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. The activity gets a little trickier each time. Pick the one you think you feel you are ready to have a go at.  


Extra Challenge: Have a go at the challenge cards. 

Wednesday - 04/11/20

Starter: Can you practise counting to 100? Use the video below to help you if you like. Can you complete the number square? 


Main lesson: Complete National Oak Academy lesson 'To recognise, read and write numbers to 100'. Link is below. 


Extra Challenge: Izzy the Imp has found a rubber. She’s been rubbing numbers and lines out on a 100 square. Can you work out the missing numbers and put them back in? Use a 100 square to help you.