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5P are taking part in a special project called, 'Kindness Matters,' which is a 30-day challenge helping to promote positive behaviour inside and outside the classroom. We have talked about emotional intelligence and how our words and actions can have negative consequences.  Over the next 30 days, the children will complete a journal of their daily kindness experiences. 

In 5P, we rise by lifting others. 

These kind girls told me my hair looked amazing and this gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. They boosted my confidence and put me in a great mood! Well done girls! You made my day! Carry on being kind!

Zaynah and her mum offered to make us some wonderful seating for our reading area. How kind! It looks amazing and is very comfortable too. Thank you Zaynah and mummy.

How kind was Mrs Leak showering us with so many compliments about our behaviour, attitude and environment?

Thank you Yumna for offering to carry books for Mrs Charnley!

Thank you Asiya for adding key vocabulary to our topic area! It will be most useful when we do our work.

Thank you Imaan for keeping the maths area tidy.

Thank you Asiya for ensuring our class dictionary is kept up to date.

Adam told me he loved my Maths lesson. Thank you Adam! I really appreciate it.

These kind girls gave me a wonderful surprise! 5P walked in after assembly to find the most tidiest class in the whole school! Thank you very much. Mrs Pathan loves a tidy classroom.