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Half Term 25.5.20

So you've made it to half term, well done for all your hard work you have carried on doing at home with your parents. This week's home learning has a lot more family fun activities and challenges, so go enjoy the break and fun activities with your families.  Make sure you have a little rest after celebrating Eid, I know it will be very different this year but enjoy your time together and look forward to celebrating with family soon.  Keep smiling xxx

Cedars Home Learning Grid   Week beginning:  25.5.20








Get washed, have a healthy breakfast, teeth brushed and ensure you are ready to start the day! Say ‘Good Morning’ to your family and talk to them whilst havig a healthy breakfast ready for your day.




Online Option


Watch the days of the week song


Technology-free Option

Can you say the days of the week?  Can you now say them in order? 

How many days are there in a week? 


Have a go at writing the days of the week out in order, don’t forget they need a capital letter.


When you have written them down cut them up and mix them up before putting them back in order. 

Keep these as you will need them later in the week.


Ask somebody to ask you some questions about the days of the week e.g.

What day comes after Tuesday?

What day comes before Sunday?

What day will it be in 2 days?




Technology-free Option

Can you guess a length of time?  Ask somebody to help time you and give you different lengths of time to estimate. 

Can you guess how long 10/20/30/60 seconds is?

How many times can you write your name in 60seconds?

How many seconds are in a minute?

How long does it take you to make your bed?  What else can you do in the same time? 




Online Option /watch?v=Fe9bnYRzFvk

Watch the months of the year song.


Technology-free Option

Building on from Monday use the days of the week and put them in the correct order.  Play a little game of what day will it be…? (see Monday)



Can you say the months of the year?  Can you say them in order?  How many months are there in a year? 


Have a go at writing the months of the year out in order, don’t forget they need a capital letter.


When you have written them down cut them up and mix them up before putting them back in order. 

Keep these as you will need them later in the week.


Ask somebody to ask you some questions about the months of the year e.g.

What month comes after March?

What Month comes before December?

What month is your birthday? 

Online Option

How many colours do you know?  Can you draw a picture with as many colours as possible? 


Technology-free Option

How many colours do you know?  Can you draw a picture with as many colours as possible.




Online Option /watch?v=ksGiLaIx39c

Watch the seasons of the year.


Technology-free Option

Using your days and months that you have made this week can you put them back in the correct order?  Can you recognise any of the days and months to read?


Can you name the 4 seasons?  Can you put them in order?


Draw a picture that you would link to the weather or festival of that season, then using your months of the year match them up to them season. 


Ask somebody to ask you some questions about the seasons and months of the year e.g.

What season would you go on your holidays?

What months are in winter?

What season is your birthday?


Family Day

Enjoy a relaxing day with your family after Eid, watch a film and discuss with your family.  Maybe you can’t decide which film to watch, have a mini debate why you should watch your choice before all voting.    




Technology-free Option

Draw a picture of your family and how you celebrated Eid this year.  How are these celebrations different to celebrations in the past, discuss with your family why things are different this year compared to other years?  Write a little information about your discussion and your picture.  What did you enjoy about your celebrations? 






Technology-free Option

Using the scene picture and the list of words can you write a variety of sentences describing what you can see?  Don’t forget to expand your sentences with and, but and because.  As a challenge can you add a sentence with your own view or opinion about something in the picture? 


The scene will also be on a separate document to see a larger version.


Technology-free Option

To write an acrostic poem about what you are missing, love and would look forward to about school.  Gather ideas using a mind map and then use these to put into your poem with just words or in short phrases and sentences.



Online Option

Go on Oxford reading owls

and choose a book to read with your parents or read a book you have at home.


Technology-free Option

Using your phonics book from last week and the book you have chosen to read write some words under the correct sounds, can you find 15 words to write with different sounds?




Over to you! Curriculum choices – you choose which to do throughout the week!

Foundation Subjects

Get out your family photos and discuss your family tree.

Who do you get your looks from?

Can you identify the different generations?

How far back in time can you go?









Design your dream pet.

What would it look like?

What would it eat?

Where would it live?

What would it wear?











See the family Science challenge on the webpage.



Sand Timer




Get outside and let your imagine go. 

Go outside with your family find a comfy position to look up at the clouds, what can you see?  Let your imagination run away with itself. 

Can you see a dog running after a crocodile?  Or a dragon flying to the ducks on a pond. 

Whatever you think you can see, tell your family and make up some funny stories.


Create a fruit/vegetable sculpture.


Take a photograph and send it to your teacher.





A challenge

Memory game – collect ten items from around your house – a pen, a knife, a penny for example, place them on a tray or something similar.  Ask a member of your family to take an object while you have your eyes closed.  Can you identify which item has gone?  Too easy?  Add more objects or take two or even three objects away!


With family members create a mini fitness routine for others to follow.  Maybe run on the spot for 10 seconds, 10 star jumps, throw and catch a teddy or ball to a partner, can you keep going? 

Have a look on the home learning webpage for Mr Watkinson’s activity a day challenges.  


Time to talk

Ever thought about what you want to do when you are older?  What job would you like to do?  What will you have to do to achieve your goal?


Talk to your family about Eid and What you have enjoyed about celebrating Eid this year?  And what you would have liked to happen that maybe you have done in the past?  If you don’t celebrate Eid think about how you celebrate a special festival in your house and with your family. 

Don't forget if you want other activities to explore you can look at purple mash, BBC Bitesize or at our home learning page for lots of activities that teachers have put on liked to different subjects. If that's not enough, take a look at some of the past activities and links posted and have a go at some of the activities again.