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Friday 22nd January 2021

Friday 22nd January 2021


Can I write a dilemma?

  • use, story map and class model
  • fronted adverbials for when
  • fronted adverbials for manner
  • dialogue punctuated accurately

Weeks had gone by and Wallace had fallen completely in love with her. Miss Bowling Ball had a fluffy, black Poodle called Strike, who seemed rather ignorant.  Gromit had tried to be friendly but Strike didn’t seem to want to know. The new lovebirds spent every waking moment together and Wallace was oblivious that Gromit was feeling jealous and abandoned.

While Wallace was out, Gromit decided to read the paper. It always made him feel better. Nearly falling off his chair, he had to read the headline again. It said, ‘9th Bowling Alley Owner killed last night’. Gromit trembled with fear - something didn’t feel right. On the floor, he noticed something. It was a crimson, leather handbag, with black spots all around it, belonging to Miss Bowling Ball. Hiding under his desk, he opened it and found a diary. Curiously, he glimpsed inside. He saw a list of jobs and he read it aloud:

1. Buy milk.

2. Book a haircut.

3. Clean the kitchen.


Gromit froze. His stomach churned.

What could he do?