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Jack and the beanstalk - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council Watch Jack and the beanstalk and read along to the story with the words on the screen. There are more fun acti...

Monday 11th January 2021


To answer the questions below in your home learning book.  Please have a go at writing the answers for some of the questions yourself.


  1. Where did Jack and his mum live?
  2. What did Jack do with the cow?
  3. What did mum do with the beans?
  4. What did jack climb?
  5. What did Jack find at the top of the beanstalk?
  6. What did Jack take?
  7. What did Jacks mum do to save Jack?  

Tuesday 12th January 2021


Draw a picture of Jack and the giant and write a list of adjectives for each character.    


Wednesday 13th January 2021


Draw and label the different settings in the story. Cottage, beanstalk, castle.    


Thursday 14th January 2021


Can you discuss some different ways the story can end – they lived happily ever after, it was all just a dream, that was the end of that.


Friday 15th January 2021


To make puppets of the story and retell the story developing language, settings and character adjectives.