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Monday 2nd November

LO: Can I orally rehearse a poem?


This week we will be learning all about poetry. Listen to the poems on the videos/ read the poems and think about what they all are about. What is the theme of the poem?


Choose your favourite poem. What do you like about it? Why is it your favourite? Write some sentences about the poem in your 'Remote Learning' book using the sentence starters below.


Practise learning your favourite poem off by heart. Can you add some actions?


London's Burning Poem

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Ladybird Ladybird, Fly Away Home! Poem

Tuesday 3rd November

LO: Can I use exclamation marks?


1. Complete the BBC Bitesize lesson on exclamation marks. The link is below.


2. Listen to the poem ‘London’s Burning’ from yesterday. The video clip is like a song.  Songs are a form of poetry. Follow along the words with your finger.  

What are exclamation marks?  What are they used for?  Which is the best way to say ‘Fire! Fire!’?  What else could you say if there was a fire?


Write some exclamations.


Remember to use:

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Exclamation marks !




Wednesday 4th November

LO: Can I use adjectives?


1. Complete the BBC Bitesize lesson 'What are adjectives'.


2. Listen to the two poems again. They are all about fire. Can you think of some adjectives to describe fire? Write some sentences about fire using adjectives in your yellow 'Remote Learning' book. Underline the adjectives in the sentence.