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Here is the problem:


Mrs Vaisnys wants to read at night, but now it is getting darker at nights she can't see!  She can't put the main light in the room on because it would wake her husband up.  She needs you to design a light that she can use to read her books in bed!  Can you help?



Can you design a reading light?  Use your knowledge of electricity to create a reading light.


Your light can be any design but think about; 

  • how Mrs Vaisnys would use it in bed and not wake anyone else,
  • it needs to makeable - you will make this!
  • the materials you will use.


Have a look at these lights and do your own research.  Then, draw your design with labels of materials and a description about how it works.  Good luck!


Take a look at some designs that children have done in previous years...