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Class - 3W

3W You Are All Stars, (I'm sad I'm not your teacher in Year 4 and thank you for being a lovely class)

13.07.2020 (The last electronic one)


Star Of The Week 26.06.2020



Star Of The Week 12.09.2020

15.06.2020 Home Learning


08.06.2020 Home Learning

01.06.2020 Learning in 3W (word doc)

01.06.2020 Learning in 3W

STAR OF THE WEEK 29.05.2020

Take a look at what we are going to be learning about this half term.

Summer Term 2 - How Does Your Garden Grow

Star Of The Week!

Yes Rares! Excellent work! So pleased! Everyone who sees this will smile!

VE DAY Activities (More on the History page of our website)

WEEK 3 (04.05.2020) in pictures

WEEK 3 (04.05.2020) Science Challenge

STAR OF THE WEEK 01.05.2020

Hi 3W! Here is Week 2's Learning Grid. Some great ideas to find out more about The Romans.

Here are week 2's activities. There are three grids for you to look at. The first one has ideas for Mathematical activities. The next one has Literacy based activities and the final one has a few challenges. Don't forget to read as much as you can! Enjoy!


Hi 3W! Take a look at the knowledge organiser and curriculum overview for Summer 1. This is what we would have been learning about had we still been in school. Our topic is called 'What the Romans Did For Us'.


The BBC are starting to support home learning even more this week. Please use the link below to access a huge amount of resources and videos. Hopefully this will help explain some of the tricky learning we do in Year 3 and make things much easier for families to support home learning.

Fun Weekly Learning Activities 20.04.2020

The document version of the picture above

For our Cedars Family...

3S and 3W are having an Eater Competition. Log on to 2Animate on Purplemash and design an Easter animation. It could be a chick hatching from an egg, dancing chicks and eggs, the Easter bunny or spring flowers growing. Use your imagination!. Remember, you can add text to your animation also. Good luck!

3W's Star of The Week for Friday 10th April is...

'The Bonkers Song' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun Friday - 'The Bonkers Song' A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing a...

'The Bonkers Song' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun Friday - 'The Bonkers Song' A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing a...

The Easter Holidays

Saturday 4th April 

I'll update less often over the next two weeks. Relax, look after each other and if you want something to do, try these...

Friday 3rd April


Why don't you teach someone a game today?


Here are some games we play in class at wet break:


1. Flip cup nought and crosses

2. Battleships



Hello again!


Remember, you don't need to do school work 9am - 3pm. Why don't you try doing some worksheets in the morning and being more creative in the afternoon? Maybe a poster about magnetism, you could take a picture of it then ask a grown up to send it to Cedars Primary School on facebook.


Mr Watkinson


I'm glad the sun is shining again, hope you're all managing to do some exercise every day. (Safely of course!)

Week commencing 30.03.20. Here are some writing templates and pictures for you to practice your super sentences. Remember to add adverbs, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. If you don't like these pictures, find a photograph from a holiday or a picture from a magazine to write about in your homework book.

I hope you are all finding something to read (It doesn't have to be a book from school, it can be anything!)


Morning everyone, hope you are all well.


Please keep looking at the home learning pages on our website, they are added to daily.


Well done Humairah - you are using our new 3W blog. Join in if you can 3W and we can start a conversation!


Mr Watkinson



Hello 3W!


Hope you're all staying safe and not missing your friends too much. I've been busy so here goes:


Our home learning packs have been saved on the Home Learning Packs page.


Lots of educational and entertaining websites have also been saved there.


I've set up 2blog on Purple Mash so you can now safely chat to each other online. 


I've set up lots of activities on my maths as well.


Our Home Learning Overview has also been saved below.


Any issues please use 2blog to send me a message. 


Mr Watkinson

Here is an overview of work set by Y3 teachers.




Hope you're all staying safe, washing your hands and looking after everyone else in your house. 


I thought I'd give you a few updates:

1. See below for home learning links. 

2. See the PE page for new PE links.


And finally a note for the grown ups in your house...


3. I've been home schooling my children (age 6 and age 8) for the last few days. I've been doing three 30 minute sessions of learning in the morning which covers reading, writing, maths and other topics. Long breaks with snacks between the sessions and finishing at 11.30 for an early lunch. In the afternoon we've been more creative, art activities, den building and being outside safely.  We've also been doing chores including, washing up, changing their own beds and cleaning my car!


My point is, do what you can with your child, keep it short and keep it as relaxed as possible. Enjoy your learning. 


Mr Watkinson

Home School Learning


Please using the following page for home learning links:



As PE coordinator I'd like to help everyone keep active during these unusual times. Please see my PE page for interesting links and tips. I'll add to it regularly and I'll make sure they is something for everyone.


Cedars website - About us - Curriculum - PE Overview


Mr Watkinson



Just to let you know, we are a little worried about the security on the seesaw website. Please do not use the website for now. I'll add a message on here to let you know if anything changes. 


Homework packs were sent home today and extra homework will be added here as well. 


Stay safe and wash your hands. 


Mr Watkinson


Homework is set online and spellings have been handed out, have a fun weekend and wash your hands!


Mr Watkinson

Y3 Sport Relief 2020

3W (and special guests) make a scene from LEGO Iron Man!

then we wrote about them...

WORLD BOOK DAY 2020 in 3W!


What a week! Homework is set in the normal way and please take a look at these photos...



Our new term, our new IRON MAN topic and our new swimming lessons have started! What a way to start the new term. 


Mrs Leak has been very impressed with all the homework coming in as well and Mrs Furness is using some 3W work to go on a display. Well done everyone!


New homework is already glued into books and new spellings were handed out today. Please don't forget purple mash and my maths homework online.


Mr Watkinson

The Iron Man - Our new topic!

On Monday afternoon we watched the movie version of The Iron Man, we made predictions, used our inference skills and compared what we know of the book and the movie. It was a fantastic start to our new topic!


Homework has been set in the normal way, glued into books and saved on purple mash and


Have a great half term,


(Remember we are swimming on Fridays next half term.)


Mr Watkinson



Homework has been set in the normal way. New spellings have been glued into most books (the books that were handed in). 


Please support your child to complete these tasks.


Mr Watkinson


Another great week, hunting animals, gathering berries and measuring in lots of different ways - not to mention performing poetry! Have a lovely weekend, homework is set in the normal way.


Mr Watkinson

A few pictures from this week! (Chinese New Year and National Handwriting Day)


Homework is set in the normal way and new spellings have been glued into books.

Maths on is measurement, we are starting our measurement lessons on Monday so homework is a recap of what we know already. 

There is also touch typing homework set on purple mash - see how many you can do in 2 minutes!


Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Watkinson

Mini Dig January 2020



Homework is set in the normal way. I realise there were some issues with last week's electronic homework, I think they're sorted now.


Mr Watkinson


We've had a great week back in school collecting stones and we will be sketching them in our observational drawing next week. Homework is set in the normal way however I've not sent a spellings sheet home as it was sent before the holidays (ei words, e.g. eight).         Have a great weekend. Mr Watkinson


Well done everyone on a fantastic term. Have a rest, play outside, do your homework, look at next half term's topics and talk with you family! (That's what I'll be doing - see you on Tuesday 7th January.)


Mr Watkinson



Homework is set in the normal way. Remember your (green, brown or red ) clothes for Monday please!


Mr Watkinson


Homework has been set online and spellings have been glued into books. 


Please remember to bring in clothes for the Christmas Production on Monday 9th. Also remember to request tickets for the show on Tuesday 17th December.


(As usual, please don't go out and buy something)


Have a great weekend,

Mr Watkinson

Visitors discussing volunteering, fruits, shapes poems and 3D shapes!

25.11.19 - 29.11.19


What a week!



As usual, homework has been set on line and is already in books. New spelling sheets were handed out and glued in (where possible) on Friday.


Thank you for your support,


Mr Watkinson


Just to let you know...


Y3 will be taking part in the Christmas show this year.


For costumes we are reindeer, santa, elves - so green, red, brown, colours of clothing please and antlers, elf ears, santa hats if you have them.


Please don't go out and spend money on a special costume.






18.11.19 - Y3's trip to Blackburn Cathedral



Homework is set in the normal way. (I'll add photos from today's trip ASAP.)


Mr Watkinson

Anti-Bullying in 3W

We discussed what information we should share when we go online.


Mrs Sames and I chose this as when we taught E-safety earlier in the year we struggled to understand that people are not always honest online and we need to protect ourselves.




We created poppies this afternoon as we discussed sacrifice. 3W observed the 2 minute silence impeccably during the morning session.



As you know homework is already in books. I've set new homework on mymaths (a recap of Y2 division and moving onto Y3 division) as well as a multiplication challenge on purple mash. 

See you at Parents' Evening,


Mr Watkinson


Homework is set in the normal way. It was glued into books last half term and I have saved new electronic homework on purple mash and my maths. New spelling sheets were also glued in on Thursday. Sheets have also been handed out to those pupils who needed them. 


Finally, we've had quite a lot of lost jumpers. Please make sure you write your name in your child's jumper. We are doing our best at school to locate jumpers. 




New homework etc. has been glued in for next half term and set on purple mash and my maths. 


Have a restful and enjoyable break.


A few children have lost jumpers recently. I have personally checked everyone's jumper and the lost property boxes at Cedars. We have found what was there and returned all we could. Please label your children's clothes. When I did the jumper check most jumpers did not have names in and pupils resorted to sniffing them to figure out whose jumper was whose!!! 


Mr Watkinson



Homework is set in the normal way!


The Purple Mash homework might take a while so I've set it for the half term as well.


Mr Watkinson



Just the weekly reminder homework is set in the normal way, it is already glued into their books, new online homework has been set and a new spelling sheet has been handed out. When helping your child with their spellings please discuss the spelling patterns. (Last week was 'sure' and this week is 'ture')


Thank you, 


Mr Watkinson

Useful documents for Autumn 1 (September - October 2019) Homework, Overview and Knowledge Organiser


As you know we are reading a book called Conkers in Guided Reading. This week we took our learning onto the playground at playtime. Have a look at the pictures. The children were very excited to play conkers for the very first time!

September 2019 - Bonkers for Conkers!


It has been another great week. Rehearsing for the sing up project yesterday was definitely a highlight.


Homework is set in the normal way. (My maths, purple mash, reading, spellings and the usual sheet.)


To cancel last year's my maths homework I had to cancel all tasks so I've reset the previous two week's homework as well. You don't need to do it again if you've done it already!


Mr Watkinson



Homework is set again in the normal way.


Homework expectations are the same as Year 2,

  • please read with your child (5 mins),
  • help with spellings (talking or writing),
  • guide them as needed online
  • help with the final activity, (this changes every week but shouldn't take more than 15 minutes).


Please hand in Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


(REMEMBER: No Education City homework this year.)

Meet The Teacher 13.09.19

Homework - 06.09.19

Books have been sent home. 

In the books there is:

Our Knowledge Organiser (facts about our lessons)

Our Curriculum Overview (tells you what lessons we are doing in Y3)

Our Homework sheet (all the homework for the half term, please sign the sheet)


Purple Mash and MyMaths passwords for online homework are glued into reading records.


Homework is sent home every Friday and collected in every Monday. (Spelling tests are Thursday)


Thank you, 


Mr Watkinson

Frederick Kempster's grave (our 1st trip!)

Welcome Back!


Our Classroom September 2019