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Class - 1M

Star award goes to........

Have a look at her brilliant work!

Well done to these sporty children for their effort in our Virtual Sports Events!


Please look out for the ‘Get Stuck In’ holiday clubs which will run from 3-30 August at 16 local venues across Blackburn with Darwen. The clubs will provide a range of fun activities with a hot meal and refreshments, for children aged 4-16 years with a focus on those on FSM’s. The activities will be age appropriate and will be run by experienced partners from the region.


Activities include multi-sports, dance, drama, arts and craft, movie sessions plus splash bubble and pop – and many more!


In addition, the holiday clubs will provide additional support for parents if they need it, with a range of activities including cooking clubs, welfare, debt and employment advice and support for their own well-being.

The organisers are building in social distancing to ensure children are kept safe and contingencies are in place to deal with the changing guidelines as lockdown is eased.

Parents should keep an eye out for further details that will be released over the next few weeks.

The clubs are co-ordinated by a not-for-profit consortium, Spring North, that secured the funding and will work with delivering partners including Blackburn Youth Zone, Blackburn Rovers Football Community Trust, Youth Action, Newground, IMO, BwD Young Peoples Services and Children Centres with support from Westholme School catering.

registration details will be circulated w/c 24th June 2020


Try this weeks challenges from Mrs Furness and Mr Watkinson. 


Good Luck 

Kick start this half term with a singing challenge.  


Have you got the POWER IN YOU? Be part of the World’s Largest Children’s Choir at home and say thank you to our unsung heroes: Teachers #ThankYouTeachers Young Voices, the largest children’s choir in the world and the Guinness World Record holders for the world’s largest simultaneous sing. 


Take a look at the poster below 

Half Term Good News

Guess who?

A challenge from us to you...

Now you have seen our self portraits why not have a go yourself.  We look forward to seeing yours. 

Don't forget its the 75th cebrations of VE Day this Friday.  Why not have a go at some of the activities Mrs Baron has set to help you celebrate.  Look forward to seeing some photographs of you and your families. 

Keep smiling  

VE Day Celebrations

For the NHS and key workers from the Cedars Primary Family

Thank you to all keyworkers for all you do to keep us safe.

Good News 1.5.20

Good News





Whole School History Project

20th April – 24th April 2020


This Thursday is St George’s Day. St George is the patron saint of England. Here are some tasks for you to complete


Years 2 & 1

Watch the story of St George  Then design a scary dragon and a costume to save St George when he is fighting the dragon.



I have also attached some websites and fun activities to my History page and the home-schooling page on our school webpage. Enjoy from Mrs Baron.


The BBC are starting to support home learning even more this week. Please use the link below to access a huge amount of resources and videos. Hopefully this will help explain some of the tricky learning we do in Year 1 and make things much easier for families to support home learning.


Learning in 1M

20th April – 24th April 2020

Now the Easter Holiday is over it is time to have another go at learning at home. Try and do some reading and writing, some maths and some other interesting activities every single day. Don’t forget to have a look at our class page for lots more wonderful ideas and resources to aid your home learning.  I’ve tried to set tasks that everyone can do that don’t need lots of resources, mainly though just have lots of fun.

Mrs Martin

Reading and Writing


Watch the story ‘Stuck’ .  Write a list of items that he throws up in the tree.  


Watch the story ‘Stuck’ , read through your list of items you wrote yesterday.  Thinking about your house what objects could you throw up into a tree, write a list. 


Watch the story ‘Stuck’ .  Try to retell the story after you have finished watching it.  Using the list you wrote yesterday about objects you would throw in a tree can you write it in order you would throw things up thinking about the size of the objects, they need to get bigger as your list grows.


Watch the story ‘Stuck’  but with the sound off and try to tell the story as you watch the video.


Watch the story ‘Stuck’ .  Draw your favourite part of the story and write why you enjoy this part.



Multiplication – In Year 1 we try to learn all the times tables by counting in multiples rather than ‘times tables’. Please can you try to write your multiples of 2 and 5 up to 50 and 10’s up to 100.


Shape Hunt – Find 2D shapes in your house and make a note of all the ones you find. 2D shapes are: Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons etc.


More and Less – We played this is class just before we broke up. You need a 100 square (which you will find in your homework book), 1 person chooses a number, the other person finds the given number and they then say 1 more/less and then 10 more/less.


Money – collect 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps that you have in your house. (Remember who gave you the money so you can give it back to them!) Create a mini shop to buy and sell items using real money. An apple could cost 5p etc.


Counting Games – When you go on your daily exercise see what numbers you can find (house numbers). You can add and subtract them. I like to count how many rainbows I see and add as I go.

Daily activities

Technology needed

No technology needed

With a grown-up / older sibling

By yourself

Newsround – child-friendly news


Use the Home Learning Page on our Cedars website

Make lunch by yourself (Only cold food and no sharp knives please!)


Make an exercise routine (10 star jumps, hopscotch, 20 step ups, 5 hops.)

Change your bed and tidy your bedroom. 



Science – Go on a material hunt (wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock), draw and label the things you find.

Write a poem about your time at home, acrostic or a short rhyme.


Junk modelling – Make a junk model tree like the story stuck.  

Kindness Matters – Try to do one kind act for every person who lives in your house every single day.

Home Learning 20.4.20

For our Cedars Family...

Because I can: Say HI!

Saying a big HELLO just because I can. I'm missing you all lots, hope you are staying safe and well? Enjoy the fun little video.

Good News

This weeks star of the week

Happy Easter to you all

Happy Easter wishes you Turn Intermedia

7 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids - Easter Craft Ideas

Have a go at some of these Easter Craft ideas to enter into the competition, good luck and enjoy.

The Beginner's Bible: The Easter Story

Miss Patel has saved lots of different activities for Easter on the home school learning page for you to look at. There are lots of activities on purple mash linked to Easter, here is a little story about Easter.

Home School Learning 


Homework packs were sent home last Friday to help with teaching your child at home.  Please use these and the home school links added to this page. 


Also the children have work set on purplemash which I am checking daily, if you need any help or guidance please send me a message through this.  


Stay safe and enjoy the learning experience you will share together through this time. 


Thank you

Mrs Martin 

Hello everyone,  Hope you're all keeping well and safe?  


I've just set up a 2blog page on purple mash so if you want to say hello or ask any questions ask your mum and dad to help you type me a message. 


I've left you a little fun activity to do to so have a go and would love to hear what you can see? 


Speak to you soon

Mrs Martin   

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | African Savannah

Andy heads to Africa and meets some incredible creatures along the way. He pronks with springbok, prowls with lions and swings his trunk with a herd of eleph...


HOW TO DRAW ANIMALS THE EASY WAY! How to draw animals with your hand. This is an easy fun way to draw by using your hand as a guide. I guess this type of art...

Check out and explore a few of these websites. 


Please keep checking the Home School Learning page as there are more websites and ideas being added daily. 


Don't forget though to have lots of fun!!! 

Daisy & Ollie - Why do we have to wash End Song

Remember to wash your hands.


EXCITING ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR KIDS Art is so exciting! First of all, it improves imagination and creativity. Secondly, it is works really well for nervous sys...

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Writing Made Easy

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Alphablocks is the hit CBeebies TV show helping children learn to...

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of our Yoga Disco tracks. Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes? 0:00 Washing Machine Son...

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official

StayHome #StayHomeWithMe ❤️Weekly plan to help kids Sing, Play, Learn at Home!❤️ Click the link and get your printable coloring pages and paper-dolls for ❣️...

Image result for new school year quotes for children

Welcome to Year 1M


Class Teacher - Mrs Martin

TLA - Miss Khan


PPA cover Teacher - Mrs Philipson 



Home School Learning


Please use the following page for home learning links:

Parental Support


Reading- read every day at home and sign the reading diary. Books will be set at your child’s reading level.
Homework – Given on a Friday. Return every Wednesday.
Purple Mash – Homework – login details are stuck in reading diaries.
No money is needed in school.
We are a healthy school – school dinners, healthy choices
Any allergies, medical conditions, asthma, glasses etc – Please ensure that it is kept in date by asking at the end of each term.


Every Friday we welcome parents/parental support to come and join your child in class to read and share their reading book with them, developing their love for reading, we look forward to seeing you. 

World Mental Health day

We have been thinking about World Mental Health Day his week and how this may affect us.  We have tried to think about ourselves this week and how can we be kind to our own bodies and minds.  We came up a list of things as a class we would like to think about when being kind to ourselves.




We have been learning about our senses this half term and how we use our senses in daily life.  We had a very special visitor into class, Mrs Williams and her guide dog Tessa.  Mrs Williams to speak to us about how her everyday life may be different to our ours with Tessa to help her.  It was lovely to see her and we asked lots of questions. We had our pictures taken with Tessa and gave her a little stroke. 

Working Walls Autumn 1

We have had the opportunity to start up a fire in our school on the fields! You must see this, it was amazing!

In our English books we wrote poems about Fire.

Be careful you don't want to touch our books!

Today we had a very special visit from Santa!


We received some brilliant, exciting Christmas gifts. Santa told us his favourite foods (which we will definitely leave out for him to eat). What a pleasure it was to meet Father Christmas!


Until next year! Stay safe Santa!


Christingle Oranges


We have had the most fun week, celebrating Christmas. What a treat. Today we made Christingles! Here are a few pictures to show you what we did with them.




This week we have been learning how to look after plants and provide the correct nutrients for them to grow.

Did you know, Growing healthy plants is no easy job! We must ensure they have enough sunlight and water for them to grow.

On Wednesday we had a very special visit from gardening experts Anne and David. They taught us how to plant seeds in our own plant pots. What a experience!

We are all now gardening experts. We would like to say a special Thank You to Anne and David for visiting our class and sharing there gardening skills with us.

Here are a few pictures to show you our great experience.

Family Album Fun

We have been learning about our family. Mrs Martin's Mummy and son Charlie, Mrs Khan's Mummy and son Ayaan came to visit our school. We looked through family Albums and learned about different relationships within families. This was a fun day and we enjoyed having such lovely visitors.

We brought our family albums to school and Mrs Martin showed them to us. This was interesting and we enjoyed learning more about each other.