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WW2 HOMEFRONT: The Blackout (Blackburn Museum Online Learning School Lessons)

WW2 HOMEFRONT: Rations in the War (Online School Learning Sessions)

When the Second World War began in September 1939 petrol was the first commodity to be controlled. On 8 January 1940 bacon, butter and sugar were rationed. M...

WW2 HOMEFRONT: A Blackburn Wedding (Museum School Learning Session)

Weddings on the homefront were often affected by rationing during the Second World War. Today's video covers the story of a Blackburn wedding and the ration booklets used in the war.

Inventors & Inventions: The Biro (Blackburn Museum Learning School Sessions)

László József Bíró was a Hungarian-Argentine inventor who patented the first commercially successful modern ballpoint pen. To see our school learning options...

Inventors and Inventions: The Polypropylene Chair (Blackburn Museum Learning Sessions)

Our learning sessions and workshops are all linked to the school curriculum. The inventors and inventions session covers the polypropylene stacking chair, de...

Inventors and Inventions: The Egg Box (Blackburn Museum School Learning Sessions)

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Inventors and Inventions: The Phonograph (Blackburn Museum School Learning Sessions)

The phonograph is a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. In its later forms, it is also called a gramophone or, since the 1940s, a ...

Inventors and Inventions: The Top Hat (Blackburn Museum Learning History Session)

The inventors and inventions session covers the silk top hat credited to George Dunnage, a hatter from Middlesex, in 1793. To see our school learning options...