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Non-Chronological Reports

We have been exploring non- chronological reports. 

Captain Axis from another planet is visiting Blackburn and wants to know all about it, so 2L are going to write a non-chronological report all about Blackburn.  

They already know so much about Blackburn and the features of a report so now we are planning to write one! 




We looked at poems that use similes to describe people that are special to us. 

We looked at this poem:


My Mum

As strong as a huge rock, 

As beautiful as a porcelain doll,

As good as a talented chef,

They can sing like a beautiful choir,

As tough as an old boot,

As soft as a fluffy pillow,

As tall as a huge, towering building.


We then planned, wrote, edited and finally performed our poems to the rest of the class.