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Autumn 2

This term in Computing, we are looking at BLOGGING! We have learnt what the word blog, chronological and journal means. Come and ask us and we will tell you!



We have been posting book review blogs about our favourite story. We read Truth Pixie by Matt Haig. We learnt why book review blogs help people to decide whether to read a book.

Blogging Books!

​​​​​Kindness Week (Anti-bullying Week)


As it is Kindness Week (and month at Cedars!) we have been looking at how we should use kind words to help others feel better. Ms Patel showed us how unkind words can leave behind scars even after we say sorry. We were all given a red heart. We were asked to be "mean" to it by crumpling it and throwing it on the floor. As a class, we said this was not nice and we should apologise. However even though some of the hearts straightened out, the scars and lines could still be seen. We know that even though we can apologise for saying unkind words, they can leave a mark on a person.

In computing, we have been looking at blogging and how sometimes someone may make an unkind comment and how it could make a person feel. So we said that we must make sure, we THINK before we say or do. 


We can't wait to show you our feelings posters, we have done in Computing and our replies to some unkind emails.  (They are not real emails!)