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Autumn 1

Stories With Familiar Settings


In English we are reading Katie Morag and the Baking Day Secret.  We are finding out all about her local area.  She lives in the Isle of Strauy, do you know where that is? 


We then planned our version of the story.  We had some great changes, all children changed the main character in the story.  Some children had a girl called Aminah from Blackburn in their story and she visited Mr Khan's house and took some samosas back home! Scrumptious! The children did so well with this and made us extremely hungry with the amazing adjectives used to describe the food!




Non-Chronological Reports

Phew! What a long word! It just means a non-fiction report that can be read in any order where as a story has to be read and written in a timed order for it to be understood. 


We have been exploring non- choronological reports.  Ask your child what a good non-chronological report has.


Captain Axis from another planet is visiting Blackburn and wants to know all about it, so 2HP are going to write a non-chronolgical report all about Blackburn.  They already know so much about Blackburn and the features of a report so now we are planning to write a remarkable report! We can't wait to see what amazing facts have been included!


Poems On A Theme


We looked at poems that used similes to describe people that are special. We looked at this poem:


My Mum

As strong as a huge rock.

As beautiful as a porcelain doll,

As good as a talented chef,

They can sing like a beautiful choir,

As tough as an old boot,

As soft as a fluffy pillow,

As a big as a huge, towering building.


We then planned, created, wrote, edited and FINALLY performed our poem. We really loved performing! Can you tell?


Poetry Performance

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