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Summer 1 DT Project:

Your DT mission for this half term is to sew a glove puppet or a finger puppet to use to tell a traditional story or a nursery rhyme. If you can why not email us a video of you using your glove puppet. We will post them on our class page!  Remember to ask an adult to led a hand with the sewing!



Let's Make Glove Rabbit | Sock Puppet Making

Creative Subjects: Art/DT

To help with these subjects, why not start a creative project using your children's choice and interest such as inventing a new machine, an art project, keep a diary, model making or even learning a new instrument! Maybe learn a new language. Look at the link below to learn British Sign Language!

Use this link to draw using your hand as an outline:


12 CUTE DRAWING TRICKS FOR KIDS DRAWING WITH KIDS Drawing is a very useful hobby and activity. It helps to concentrate and develops imagination and fine moto...

In DT, this term children have been designing and making a healthy salad. So how about getting the children to have a go at making their own salad. Encourage the use of the vocabulary, grate, cut, chop, slice, cube and taste.


CHALLENGE: Can the children then write a recipe for the salad?


Below is a link of some other DT ideas:

Keep Cooking and Carry On | Jamie Oliver

Have a go at making a delicious fruit salad

Twinkl Live Lessons: Art with Adam - Measuring and Drawing Self Portraits

Twinkl Live Lessons: Art with Adam - Playdough and Origami Animals