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The Covid Break Blog- by Mrs Pathan

Hi Everyone! 


I hope you are all well. Welcome to 5P's special blog page where I will have a chat with you about everything going on right now. You can communicate with me on Purple Mash. During these testing times, it is really important for everyone to stay calm. If you are feeling anxious, talk to someone. It will make you feel better. Like you, I have also been feeling uneasy but I overcome these feelings by having some quiet time and reflecting. This helps me realise that despite all the changes and uncertainty we are going  through, I am still much luckier than many people out there. So I usually take time to thank God for all his blessings. This makes me feel so much better about things. 

A calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence and that is important for good health. 


Dalai Lama



Friday today! Yaay! But maybe not a happy Friday like usual. Lots of children are off- I have only 14 pupils in today. We are thoroughly missing the rest of the crew. We were lucky enough to skype Zoe today- thank you Zoe. It was fun seeing you and your family and I am glad you are safe and happy.

Some of the lovely children made me a fabulous card telling me that they love me- this really brightened my day! Thank you so much guys- you really have been the best at making me smile all year.

Today we also watched Hugo Cabret after reading the book. What a fantastic movie! It is an emotional storyline with Hugo not having a family and having to live in those circumstances but he went out and did a wonderful thing, which meant he gained some true friends who became family. A happy ending would mean Hugo getting his dad back and having a home to live in and obviously this wasn't going to happen but I guess the story ends in the best way possible- what do you think?



Hi everyone,


So today is your first school day at home. How are you finding it? I am hoping you have all stayed at home as advised by the government and medical experts. Please do not leave the house under any circumstances. Children should not be going to supermarkets, parks or anywhere at all! I am at school, currently in the school office as some of the staff are poorly so I have offered to help. I am answering phones and taking messages- I can't believe how difficult the phone system is. I hope I don't cut someone off when I am transferring calls! 


So how many of you have been doing your school work? I have just checked your scores on Purple Mash and I must admit I am utterly shocked how some of you seem to have forgotten your times tables already! Hope you can hear this..... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Please, please do recap your times tables, especially the 9 times tables! Remember the pattern I taught you and then redo your times tables test on Purple Mash and get that smile back on my face! 


Keep safe. 

Check out Miss Reynold's challenges and do have a go! 

Who can solve these? Have a go and the answers will be shared soon.

123 X 54

654 X 21

987 X 258

Click on this link to find our recycling work featured in the gallery! Well done to everyone for taking part. 


Happy Tuesday everyone! So here I am at school again. Reece is here too and he is saying HELLLOOOOOO to you all. I am still waiting for people to log onto Purple Mash and chat to me on there. A few of you are doing the maths activities but I would prefer you all to communicate with me on Purple Mash. The star has to be Hassan, who has been checking in on me! Well done Hassan! Keep up the good work.  

Did you watch Boris Johnson's latest speech last night? What were his key messages? Write them down as bullet points


Keep safe everyone and most importantly, stay indoors!


Mrs Pathan

Hey everyone!

Sorry I couldn’t add to the blog yesterday but I was quite unwell.... again. The high temperature returned and I seem to have developed spots all over my body. Gosh it’s itchy! But I am still grateful as we know there are many people out there in worse conditions than myself. 


How have you  guys been? Hassan has been on the Purple Mash blog again, which is nice. It was nice to see Fatima, Asiya A, Asiya P and even Zaynah on there too. Zaynah was hilarious telling me where I can get rice from if I was struggling. I laughed all day about this and even told Mrs Leak about it! πŸ˜† Zaynah-you are so kind and caring. Please never change. 


Oh did I tell you I got cross with Asiya P as she was blogging after 10pm? Listen guys... I understand there is no school but a good routine is crucial. Please do begin your school work by at least 9am and try to access both links on our website and also Purple Mash too. Of course, doing all the work in the packs is important too. 


How many of you came out for the NHS clap last night? We did as a family and I have no idea what came over me but I jumped, cheered and even yelled out names of people in my street, who are currently risking their lives for others. Bilal the paramedic, Dr E and Dr I were mesmerised by the support in our street. To be honest, I am getting quite anxious now as in a couple of weeks, my daughter is due to start working for the hospital. 🀷🏽‍♀️ 


Anyways, you guys take care. Remember to stay indoors. Don’t even go to the supermarket with your parents. Keep safe! 





Hello 5 Perfect! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

I am hoping everyone is well. So although I haven't been blogging everyday, due to ill health, I still feel like I have shared lots with you. I am beginning to feel a little like Ann Frank or maybe Malala πŸ˜†. I wonder who can find out how these famous people used their diary (their way of blogging) to impact others? Please do share your responses with me on Purple Mash. By the way, it was nice to see some newbies popping up on Purple Mash! But you need to be consistent with this. 



Although the rules set by the Prime Minister state that we are allowed out once a day for exercise, I have decided not to let my family out at all, as it is far too busy and therefore risky. Obviously, this is proving hard but we keep thinking of our health. Of course , they are allowed in the garden whenever they want but unfortunately that is where their outdoor life ends. Personally, I am really missing the beach ( Fleetwood is my favourite!) and the sea air. I can't wait to breathe in the fresh sea air again. 



This week, our time management has been terrible and we seem to be struggling to fit everything in. Some subjects have been neglected in Adam's timetable and we have chosen to use our time to get the house in order and cooking together too. This has been fun and of course great for developing self help skills but I have promised to make our time more productive from tomorrow. Let's see what happens! That's all for now folks but no doubt I will be back tomorrow with another update. 


Remember- stay safe, stay home, protect the NHS. 






How are you all? What have you been up to? 

Me? Well, I have been a little more productive as my health has improved over the past few days. I got busy in the kitchen and made some delicious, doughnuts smothered in tons of sugar- YUM! They were to die for! The only problem was, they had to be eaten straightaway otherwise they went hard and we had no problems eating them straightaway let me tell you! I have also been chatting to many of the teachers from school and they are also missing their classes. No one expected this sudden break to happen so it came as a shock to all of us. Perhaps it's a good thing that the teachers didn't expect it to be honest..... Why? Well... because they would have prepared you even more homework! cheeky I have to say a massive THANK YOU to Hassan who checks in to Purple Mash daily, makes an effort to chat to everyone and he really does make us giggle. I am so proud of him. I am hoping you guys haven't left the house at all. I certainly haven't allowed my children to leave the house at all, not even for a walk. I have decided to play it safe. I know it is really hard to live this way but we must keep reminding ourselves that this way of life is only temporary and it will pass. For the moment, keep your chin up, keep smiling..... and of course keep doing your online homework!  Okay.... I'm going to go now but I will update you tomorrow. Bye!



Hello! It was fabulous chatting to some of you on Purple Mash. The regulars (Hassan, Tayyibah, Fatima, Asiya P and Asiya A) have kept me entertained with their banter. Asiya P asked to see my doughnut pictures so I will add these below....

Mrs Pathan's doughnuts! Are you impressed?

What do you think? Not bad are they? laugh I tell you what was even tastier than my doughnuts? I was gobsmacked with the compliments from a pupil in our class, telling me how amazing I am and how I am helping to shape their future. Shall I tell you a secret? I couldn't help it but I got all teary and my family came running to the laptop to see what made me upset. Once they read the comments, they realised I was crying happy tears. Phew! So, it's Thursday again and we will be out clapping the staff at NHS as we have quite a few in our street. I promise to not go crazy like last time. LOL. I hope you continue to enjoy time with your families and if you need anything, do let me know on the blog. Thank you to those of you who are completing lots of online tasks. Don't forget to ask all the grown ups to check out Facebook tomorrow after 10am. Bye! 



Hi 5P,

I have just thought of the best idea ever! Have you seen the wonderful rainbows people have been creating to show their support for the NHS? Well.... why don't we do our own project in Perfect 5 P style! So here is the plan....  You need 2 A4 sheets of plain paper and join them together at the back using sticky tape. Create a huge rainbow on it and perhaps add a message of appreciation to the NHS staff. Now here is the best bit. Once your poster is ready, let me know on our blog and display it in your windows. I will then come outside your house and take a picture of it to display on here and maybe on Facebook. I am so excited and I am hoping you are too. 

Examples for inspiration


Well Hellooooo!

I have had a break from the blog for a few days to give you guys a chance to catch up with all the reading. Purple Mash blog has been very active and I have totally loved chatting to you! Maryam made my day as she asked me how I was! She came on the blog especially to ask me- not many children out there who would ask their teacher that! I was so touched! You guys are really a very sweet class. 

Today was a hard day for me as my daughter started her first day at the hospital as a health care assistant. We begged her to cancel it but she insisted that she would be fine. Her dad will be picking her up in a short while but won’t let her sit in the car until she wipes everything with wipes first. πŸ˜† When I made doughnuts the other day, so many of you complimented them and it didn’t end there. Guess what I made next? Chocolate brownies! Just check out the pictures! 

These chocolate brownies tasted divine!



Good morning, 

I pray you are all well and in the best of health. What have you been doing? I hope you are enjoying time at home with your family. 

These last few days have been a little sad for us as we had some devastating news. An uncle, whom we’d known all our life, died in Bolton. He was a kind, caring man, who helped a lot of people throughout his life. He was also a fantastic cook and I know he will definitely be remembered for this too. 

I was also saddened to hear that Mrs Ahmed’s husband was quite poorly too. It has been extremely stressful for her, understandably, but I am pleased that he is now recovering slowly. Try and say a little prayer for him and everyone, who is suffering at the moment. 


On a positive note, it has been  great to see new faces (imaginary ones) on Purple Mash this week. Maryam has been quite active and I have enjoyed her bubbly personality through her messages. Asiya now has a rainbow in her window to show her appreciation for the NHS. How amazing is that! Remember not to leave the house. Stay home and safe. Remember I am here for you. Before I finish for today, I will leave you a picture of the cakes we made. Keep smiling. 😁 



Hi everyone! I pray you are all well. It is officially the Easter break right now, though it doesn't feel any different as we have now been off for at least 3 weeks. Although I miss school and my class pupils, I am still not bored of being at home. It is though a sad time as another member of the community died yesterday. He was the leader of a mosque near Preston new Road and lots of children knew him. The lovely man will be missed by many children and adults. 

The sun has been shining but to be honest I have not had the time to enjoy it much - yes I've been baking again! This time I made some marbled cake but almost had a disaster after putting on the grill (which gives heat from only the top) instead of the oven! Luckily, my daughter pointed it out to me before it was completely destroyed and it was a lesson to learn. I made more brownies too (this time with even more chocolate) and they were delicious. 

Next, I would like to have a go at planting some chillies or mint or maybe coriander but I have never done this before and have no idea where to start so I shall be researching first. Let me know if you have been doing any gardening or planting. I could do with some tips. 

Did you check out the video made by the teachers for the children? I hope so! I had my makeup and hair done especially for it so if you haven't seen it, ask your parents to show you on Facebook. You will love it!

Tata for now. I shall be back very soon.



Helloooooo! It’s been a while since I updated you! As always, you’ve kept me entertained on Purple Mash. I hope you will have a go at the poem task I have set you. Did you watch the video on Facebook? What did you think of my hair and make up πŸ˜†? I popped into school to see Mrs Leak a few days ago. Whilst we’ve been keeping safe at home, she has been going into school to make sure everyone else is okay... how lovely is that! Actually, that has given me a great idea for our next writing task. Catch me on Purple Mash- I am going straight there now. Bye for now. Below, I have added my message from the video. 


Hi everyone,

It's very quiet on Purple Mash today. Everyday, as soon as I get up, I log onto Purple Mash to see if anyone wants a chat, but recently, it has been very quiet. Having said that, I have had new people logging onto the blog. Ridwan, Iqra and Danyaal have been missed- it's great to hear from you. Please make sure you stay in touch. It's always a pleasure chatting to you all on the blog. 

Anyway guys, check out who got in touch....

Hi there,

Due to the current situation, we have put all prizes on hold. However, as soon as pupils are back in schools, we will go back and make sure that all prizes are distributed properly. Sorry for the delay, I hope you can understand.

All the best, 

Charlie, from The Action Pack team


This is in response to the email you sent to them about our pictures about recycling on their website.  So, looks like we may receive something after all. We will keep our fingers crossed.

How are you liking the new home learning grids? So, every week, we will put on a new home learning grid for the week on the class page and on Facebook. You have to then try and complete as much as you can during that week. The week after, you get a new home learning grid. Don't worry if you don't have a laptop or if you are sharing laptops with your brothers and sisters. Some of the activities can be done without accessing the internet using things around the house. Let me know how you get on. Pictures of any work you complete will be great. They might be featured on the website! So make sure every piece of work you produce is amazing!

Chat soon

Mrs Perfect Pathan!





Hi guys and girls, 


How has everyone been? Well.... I have been writing your reports and this has made me miss you even more. Thank goodness we have been able to chat on Purple Mash. I hope you have all been doing the work set on the home learning grids. I made some more brownies again but they did NOT turn out very well! I was so upset! So, I made them again and then again and finally I got them right. PHEWWWW! What have you been upto? I know Tayyibah has been doing lots of cooking and helping around the house and Suhail made some amazing things for VE day. I would love to hear from the rest of you.


Chat soon

Mrs Pathan